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How do I place photos on the forum???

There are 2 options for uploading your photos to the Clivia Forum web site.

Photo posting using Photobucket:
You can upload your photos to an online image hosting site such as Photobucket ( See the following site for more photo hosting options.

To link to a picture from Photobucket:

1) Have the picture in digital format. If it is a photograph on photographic paper you will need to use a scanner to get it on to a computer. If it is a digital camera then just load the file onto your computer.

2) Re-size the picture to sensible proportions (Try to have it no larger than 800 x 600). Please try to keep photos on the smaller side, both for ease of viewing and quicker download time for those on dial-up connections.

3) Save the picture as a .jpg or .gif

4) In your posting, make an "IMG" link directly to the image to display as an actual part of your posting by typing like this:


To view how your message and photos will look before submitting your message, you can choose the preview button to be sure everything looks the way you had hoped.

The other method would be to link it from your own website, using the Clivia Fourm above the posting you are busy doing.

Good luck, and let us know if you need further assistance!

Posted with help from Heather McDonald over at Heather

Here is a few pics of what to do...

Clivia Fourm

Clivia Fourm

Clivia Fourm

Clivia Fourm


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